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Welcome to Kuro's page

For those in pkmnations to see all my pokemon go here.

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pokemon full bodies
Trixy Redone by Kuroleopard
Sephy Redo by Kuroleopard
Gliscor by Kuroleopard
Full bodied pokemon, especially for anyone in pkmnations. If you want your little babies draw by me feel free to note
MLP fullbodies
ApplyJelly by Kuroleopard
Dc's ready by Kuroleopard
get em while there hot


A wild Kuro has appeared!





Mon Sep 8, 2014, 12:22 PM
Sat Nov 23, 2013, 11:19 PM
Shout box virginity has been stolennnnn
Sat May 25, 2013, 1:16 PM


Happy thanksgiving to you all

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 27, 2014, 11:37 AM

I hope you all have a happy thanksgiving with your family and enjoy your meals.
I hope to get back to doing my art and getting busy with some groups. If your up for a commission let me know. 

Pesronally I hate this holiday and i highly dislike my family but i know most of you have more civil people to live with then me. I hope my brother dies and i want to move out and never deal with him or my mother again.  He's a constant instigator, and i  don't even like to eat because it means possibly coming out of my room and getting attacked by the shit, he cn't clean up after himself at all and i'm expected to clean the house over thanks giving. I'm not even in the house a majority of the time i'm only here for 7 hours to sleep and i go back to school and work. But he can't do jack shit about cleaning after himself. I have to do it. Fucking pig.

 My mom is often enough angry. She needs to get out the house, she's not an introvert.  I'm hopefully gonna be moving out this summer with a co-worker. I dont even know which city to plan for and it doesn't matter as long as im out. I can hopefully transfer since im work at walmart. I get everything held over my head, oh i let you borrow money, oh i gave you a car, you should love me. I'm sorry, i don't like my mom and for any of you who find that hard to believe, fuck off i don't need you happy pappy optimism, on how if you work on a relationship it will fix it's self.  If i even say something like," yes, do you need something mother," i get called a smart alc. Maybe i should be one just like my brother, he's already admitted to jut wanting to use his parents for there money and ditch em. I dont even want that i just want to disappear and never come back. Burning bridges would be great. Switching phones as well would be awesome.

winter Kouji by Kuroleopard
winter Kouji
Sooo I had t make a winter pic for kouji's new app pic. Because its cold and he can wear it. I was gonna decorate it more but he hasn't been feeling to extravagant so i'll hold off until i do the next one. He got a bit of an art block right now so he's not often carrying his art supplies like he normally would. 

Kouji Saito app updated by Kuroleopard@:iconkuroleopard: 

Pokimono SS wishlist

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 21, 2014, 10:19 AM

it's for :iconpokimono:

I haven't done a secret santa in years but i'll try this year. Wish me luck

My oc:
Kouji Saito app updated by Kuroleopard

1. Snuggles and keeping warm, warm drink or something.

2. Some games in the snow, would be nice and fun. Everyone loves those.

3. Gift giving, or whatever, i'm kind of drawing at straws but try to have fun k. :iconcatpatyouplz:

Seas of destruction by Kuroleopard
Seas of destruction
For all of you who don't understand my love of wyvern shipping sad day... Lugia and yvetal are probably my favorite legends atthis point...even if lugia is a psychic type. Shadow lugia is alittle more fun to play with in comparison. I was suppose to be packing for the move but i couldn't help myself. I don't have as much time to draw as normal and its messing with my urges pretty hard. I have a few more projects i wanna do.I hope you like these 2. I really do...

Lord of the sea by KuroleopardKing of Destruction by Kuroleopard

Gonna start trying to use my watermark

Just stuck

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 12, 2014, 10:29 AM

Open for 5 lineart commissions

Soooo i dont know what i'm doing anymore, i really just don't know. 

I'm going to college for a class i dont care for again. I can't really go for the thing i want since my gpa is fucked from the first year i did that. So grants and scholarships don't work for me since i have like a 1.9. Never should have taking coding. I just want to pass this class. I'm taking  a computer information tech course and there is no point in me paying for the test i know i wont pass, i just don't care.

As you've noticed i'm still submitting art even though i have 30 hours of school then i try for 30 or more from work. Mom's still a controlling prick, constantly telling me to take off hours because i dont need to work that much.

Fuck i hate living with them, but you gotta do what you gotta do. All my money now can't even go to my pay checks i have to upgrade equipment. New computer, new fancy tablet and the pokemon game. Ughhh, 

I'm trying to do my best to keep art up, i was suppose to be getting commission going but i can't seem to bring myself to advertise cause my time is so spent.

If you want commissions right now i'm doing 5 dollars for line arts right now.

I should have figured the only thing i'm good at is drawing and never gone for anything but illustration and normal art. Graphic design is not for you if your just an artist and your doing digital projects. People don't realize it's different completely.  My fault for believing and hoping. 

Heck being an animator would have probably been more plausible then this, but doing what you love and making money are 2 different things. 

I'm working at walmart though, so yeah, i'm okay working, i just wished they payed like 10 more cents per hour. Right now in 2 weeks i can make 479 at the most and i have to fight to get hours pretty much. 

I'm gonna probably rejoin pokimono, i dont rp with many people in any group I'm in and even in pokemon nations i've lost all drive to draw for it. I need to work on fan art for artist alley for the next con. I don't know how much i can get done at this pace. Once my first break for schoool comes on , i'll take more hours, but i should be able to draw more, I might be able to get full time pay for a short time. 

Right now i plan on more pokemon, httyd,mlp, digimon, maybe some korra and sao. Mtac is after march 2015 so that will be popular again.  I really just wished i could make it as an artist or minimum wage was enough to move out on. Cause if two weeks at the most is only around $450 average, thats nor really enough to make a really decent living on. I'm working on roommates soo i can get out hopefully somewhere decent.

Made by: Wolfvids


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