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Welcome to Kuro's page

For those in pkmnations to see all my pokemon go here.

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pokemon full bodies
Trixy Redone by Kuroleopard
Sephy Redo by Kuroleopard
Gliscor by Kuroleopard
Full bodied pokemon, especially for anyone in pkmnations. If you want your little babies draw by me feel free to note
MLP fullbodies
ApplyJelly by Kuroleopard
Dc's ready by Kuroleopard
get em while there hot


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Mon Sep 8, 2014, 12:22 PM
Sat Nov 23, 2013, 11:19 PM
Shout box virginity has been stolennnnn
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Dc Christmas by Kuroleopard
Dc Christmas
Yes so back to some commissions, Since im outta school for a while. Ponies and the like will be 10 dollars with some holiday decorations, a prop and a simple back ground.

Full characters will be 15 dollars for the same. I hope you all have a happy holidays. Payments are done by paypal.
Kouji's fluff by Kuroleopard
Kouji's fluff
So this was suppose to be on the sketch dump but i forgot about it...oh well.

Kouji Saito app updated by KuroleopardKuroleopard 
NPC Delphox Katsuo by KitsuneNekoKitsuneNeko 
Mono dump by Kuroleopard
Mono dump
So yeah kouji dump...i dont know ask if you want me to specify anything.

open to rp any time. That ghost is not another is a sense

Kouji Saito app updated by Kuroleopard@:iconKuroleopard :
Ethernitas: Avvalon  app by Kuroleopard
Ethernitas: Avvalon app
for  :iconethernitas:

Name: Avvalon “cookie”


Height:  5’0’

Race: (cookie)Bat

Occupation: Tincker’s assistant/apprentice  

Continent: Zeventus

Avvalon has spent most of his life in the bat cliffs with the rest of the bat folk. It was quite nice and safe, sure there were squabbles over food in his home sometimes but it was quite life until he was put out by his family, expected to get a wife, a nice job helping trade and doing all his own hunting. To say the least he got the job and was barely feeding himself. He would help load air ships and pretty much watch em go off for a long time. He did that for years with little ambition just content with chilling and building his home and life the good old simple way. Sure it would be boring but he’d be fine.

Years passed and before he knew it he found himself bored with the same constant routine. He was getting nowhere at all and didn’t want to settle down. One day he asked to accompany the ship out to other areas of zeventhus. Not sure where it would take him and even quickly ended up regretting it as the ship got raided out of nowhere. He was confused and scared the whole time. He only barely got away from a harpy slipping out a small broken window and flying out over the ocean, he wasn't exactly the migratory kind so he was on the search for another ship and clung to the first one he found, getting inside a open window. He was found in the cargo bay collapsed and exhausted on a bag, when some reported seeing something come onto the ship.

To say the least he was in some trouble when was found and they tried to bring him to the captain. He ended up escaping multiple times due to his small form and a lot of steam blowing him about when he was flying. Only getting caught closer to the end of the trip due to hunger drawing him out into a net. Having to explain himself on the dot he lied his ass off, talking about how he was looking for someone to teach him how to operate machinery so he can help his family and he had flown all the way from bat cliffs to find someone. To say the least he was only half believe but the captain chuckled at his story and brought him to an old tinker friend of his that normally did the work for his ships. Avvalon some how ended up lying his way into a job, though has only been working there for a short time. So he's just hoping things will go well for him and none of his lies break down on him to soon.


Avvalon on a good day in curious about the world, and just anything machine related. He personally believes he never knows enough about em but he’s dedicated to learning all he can, since he left his tribe.He tend to be a finicky little guy that can easily be scared off if someone seems aggressive enough. That or he’ll turn into a bat and hide, seeing as he’s not that powerful. Loud noises annoy him and unusual ones make him nervous and jumpy. It’s hard to sneak up on him, due to his hearing but clawing noises freak him out when he doesn’t know what it is. He tends to lie when he panics….so he’ll totally squeal(very loudly) if grabbed…’ll just be a lot of false info. He’ll flee as soon as you turn your back.


Tinkering: Is an decent tinkerer for temporary fixes, might want to find someone with more experience if you want a more solid fix, but he’s learning as quickly as he can.

Transformation:  Avvalon can go from human to bat and that is about it, though he tends to stop in the middle of this transformation to get the perks of both forms. A bit of flight and hands that can hold and form. He doesn't get a boost between the forms, he's faster at flying as a full bat and able to tinker and hold things as his more human forms. His hearing is excellent no matter the case and his eyes are light sensitive, so he wears dark lenses goggles. He likes the fuzzy look a lot.

Echolocation:  He's a bat...that's how he navigates....he usually only does it when flying or looking for something. You will hear little clicking noises for him when he does it

Glass of water: Literally, that all it does, he puts water in a container...usually a glass. Doesn't work to well in dry conditions. Normally so he doesn't have to go outside during the day for a glass of water.

Weapon: Ha you think he fights, he does carry a small knife, just in case

Status Points:


Total: 110

Str: 20

Eth: 5

Vit: 15

Agi: 30

Dex: 40

Trans: 0


Total: 110

Str: 5

Eth: 5

Vit: 10


Dex: 15

Trans: 30


  • He gets called a cookie bat just because he tends to get black smugdes on him and friends think he looks like a chocolate chip cookie(even if he doesn’t smell like one). He doesn’t mind honestly

  • He doesn’t like looking human because he feels exposed, for some reason.

  • He will eat just about anything, but mostly sticks to meats and will drink blood(only done in bat form) if there is nothing else to eat.  

  • Ifhe bites a person the wound will continue to bleed until you clean his saliva out.

Happy thanksgiving to you all

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 27, 2014, 11:37 AM

I hope you all have a happy thanksgiving with your family and enjoy your meals.
I hope to get back to doing my art and getting busy with some groups. If your up for a commission let me know. 

Pesronally I hate this holiday and i highly dislike my family but i know most of you have more civil people to live with then me. I hope my brother dies and i want to move out and never deal with him or my mother again.  He's a constant instigator, and i  don't even like to eat because it means possibly coming out of my room and getting attacked by the shit, he cn't clean up after himself at all and i'm expected to clean the house over thanks giving. I'm not even in the house a majority of the time i'm only here for 7 hours to sleep and i go back to school and work. But he can't do jack shit about cleaning after himself. I have to do it. Fucking pig.

 My mom is often enough angry. She needs to get out the house, she's not an introvert.  I'm hopefully gonna be moving out this summer with a co-worker. I dont even know which city to plan for and it doesn't matter as long as im out. I can hopefully transfer since im work at walmart. I get everything held over my head, oh i let you borrow money, oh i gave you a car, you should love me. I'm sorry, i don't like my mom and for any of you who find that hard to believe, fuck off i don't need you happy pappy optimism, on how if you work on a relationship it will fix it's self.  If i even say something like," yes, do you need something mother," i get called a smart alc. Maybe i should be one just like my brother, he's already admitted to jut wanting to use his parents for there money and ditch em. I dont even want that i just want to disappear and never come back. Burning bridges would be great. Switching phones as well would be awesome.


To do List



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