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Welcome to Kuro's page

For those in pkmnations to see all my pokemon go here.

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pokemon full bodies
Trixy Redone by Kuroleopard
Sephy Redo by Kuroleopard
Gliscor by Kuroleopard
Full bodied pokemon, especially for anyone in pkmnations. If you want your little babies draw by me feel free to note
MLP fullbodies
ApplyJelly by Kuroleopard
Dc's ready by Kuroleopard
get em while there hot


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Emerald Corruption by Kuroleopard
Emerald Corruption
So I spent some time making the monster/corrupt form of my gem. I'm getting this feeling lizards are also emmie's favorite thing to shapeshift into, but like this it's a powerful digger. It's claws rip through earth and anything that gets in it's way will either be shredded or torn to shreds by it's jaws. It can easily shift the earth around it to push things better and when relaxed it;s spikes come down and it will ignore you in favor of sunbathing

I was half tempted to put chains on it
Gemsona Dark Emerald by Kuroleopard my normal gemsona
Emerald Hello by Kuroleopard
Emerald Hello
I got bored the other day and started a doodle, and i have finished it today. Then i got upset and then stopped and now i can doodle some more so here is another picture . I think it should be said that Emmie is not a good guy. Emmie is closer to middle ground  but has a uniform closer to homeworld gems. He tends to act as a scout himself, usually spying (mostly goofing off. His control of the earth tends to help him hide and get out of danger quickly.

Gemsona Dark Emerald
Eclipse Shrine App by Kuroleopard
Eclipse Shrine App
So this is the new app for my pkmnations charaters. It's really one of the reasons I've procrastinated doing any work for the group. It may get small edits but now i can work on more pokemon.

The change is mostly cause of Redvet and the trouble she's causing there.
Aquarium visit by Kuroleopard
Aquarium visit
I felt like doodling kouji today. I put headphones on him and decided to put him infront of an aquarium. He likes water pokemon and loves aquariums. That is a little horsea in the back.

Kouji Saito app updated by Kuroleopard
Yash Talbot by Kuroleopard
Yash Talbot
This is my yveltel in his gijinka form. He is a bit of trouble and doesn't have a problem with it. He feeds on the life of others but usually stock up on energy to last him a while. Actually this has been on my fur affinity account for a while. In this form he's a bit vulnerable to smaller attacks, but he likes looking like the sexy best he is and it's easier to maintain this form without getting hungry. 

Yes this is the yveltal that is my king of destruction. I'm actually planning to do a couple legendaries for him to play with cause i probably won't put him in any group. Go ahead talk to him if you want, he's kind of sassy, flattery is the quickest way to get his attention. He kind of acts like a peacock if you will.


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